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For pretty ladies!

Launched the sale of special tours - for women!

«Grace» program at the «Sosnovy Bor» resort

For those who want to keep beauty and strive to create their own unique image!

Program «For Pregnant»

We invite Future Moms to the «Chernomorye» resort

To book in advance is expedient!

Special offer for accommodation in a «Solnechniy» resort

Loyalty program "Preffered customer"

Welcome to participate in loyalty program.

Pleasant bonuses for holidays with children!

In «Chernomorye» resort it is easy to combine business and pleasure!

RZD-ZDOROVIE among the leaders of the rating

Named the leaders of the rating «Top 100 Russian health resorts» 2019

Summer of beauty in «Mys Vidny»

New spa menu for the summer of 2019.

Carboxytherapy in the «Aquamarine» resort

The method of treatment of skin diseases, in cosmetology and obesity control.

«Diseases of the digestive system» treatment

A noticeable result in 14 days!

Healing walks in the «Kislovodsky» park

Burned 40-60% more calories than normal walking.

Women's health in «Sosnoviy Bor»

Always be young and beautiful!

Aromahydrotherapy in the «Sosnovy Bor» resort

Pinimenthol bath - cough aroma bath for adults and children

Concerned about back and joint pain? We will help!

Effective treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system

«Dolina Narsanov» Kislovodsk - Vacation with the family!

We invite you to take a break from the hassle and gain strength in our resort.


Procedures antler decoction

The latest medical technology

Placental (Laennec) - therapy in the sanatorium «Dolina Narzanov» Kislovodsk.


Modern treatments.

In "Transsib" - you are in chocolate!

Chocolate wrapping returns youth and health.

Wonder-bees in Zhemchuzhina Zauralja

Apitherapy-treatment with bee venom and bee products.

Bioresonance MORA-therapy

Finds abnormalities in the functioning of organs and body systems

5% discount in resorts of JSC RZD-ZDOROVIE

Russian pensioners, invalids, participants and veterans of WW II

Specialized program "Mini Hollywood"

A appreciable result in 14 days!

Ozone therapy at sanatorium "Volzhskie Dali"

Effective treatment of various diseases.

Program "Healthy child"

The sanatorium-resort program of the "Dolina Narzanov" resort in Essentuki.

Speleotherapy at the sanatorium "Volzhskie Dali"

Salt caves are places with a very special microclimate.

The Black Sea is beautiful and healthy in any season!

Unique gifts of the Black Sea - for health and beauty in the "Mys Vidnyi" resort

Summer is over, but the sea remains!

Moreover, it is powered ... by the Pacific Ocean! ..

Cedars and "Hummingbirds" in the "Solnechny" resort

Magnetotherapy has a complex therapeutic effect on the body.

Frost freshness in summer heat

Cryosauna in the sanatorium "Transsib" in Belokurikha

The program "Strengthen immunity"

A special program for often and long-term sick children.

Health, youth and beauty on maple alley

SPA and cosmetology in the sanatorium "Don".

The program "Beautiful posture"

Prophylaxis and treatment of diseases of the spine.

Psoriasis is not a verdict!

Specialized program for the treatment of psoriasis in the sanatorium "Don".

Natural Radon Therapy

Therapeutic properties of mineral water.

The Young Genius Program

Assistance to students experiencing great mental and physical stress.

Ultrasonic dopplerography of vessels in the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor"

Diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases

Discounts for holders of the card "RZD Bonus"

Discount for sanatorium-resort services of sanatoria of the network "RZD-Zdorovie".

"Harmony of body" at sanatorium "Dolina Narzanov" Yessentuki

How to maintain the harmony of the silhouette, the freshness of breathing, the purity and youth of the skin?

"Men's health"

To regain men's health go to Zheleznovodsk!

Plasma therapy - the newest medical technology

New medical technologies for the treatment of arthrosis and osteochondrosis.


Therapeutic physical training is a component of complex treatment musculoskeletal system

"Detox-refinement of body"

The program of cleansing the body of toxins and slags.

Kinesiotherapy at sanatorium "Don"

Kinesiotherapy is an effective innovation of conservative methods of treatment.

Nordic Walking

In the quest for health, harmony and cheerfulness.

Healing miracles of the monastery

Mud treatment is a natural resource.

Ozonotherapy at the sanatorium "Chernomorye"

It activates the metabolism, stops the inflammatory process.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a new highly effective technology of healing.

Specialized program "Antistress"

14 days of complex examination of the nervous system and cerebral vessels.