"Wellness program’ is designed to achieve an overall health improvement and includes a number of guaranteed medical services.

Health condition monitoring of our guests is performed by resort’s attending physician for the duration of the program. The minimum duration of the program is at least one day.


1) An initial visit and final visit of the attending physician

2) Various wellness services (depending on availability):

• Climatotherapy (daily schedule, air baths, beach)

• Aromatherapy

• Mineral water from a natural source (3 times a day)

• Phyto Tea (once a day)

• Oxygen cocktail (once a day)

• Nordic Walking (Terrenkur)

• Health improvement exercises in the swimming pool

• Physiotherapy and recovery exercises using special workout equipment


3) An initial visit to a medical specialist for secondary care


For an additional charge and based on attending physician’s recommendation, a guest may purchase any medical services, not included in the "Wellness health program".