The medical program "General healthcare and recovery" is a multipurpose complex of general resort medical services, which include up to 4 wellness programs and therapeutic procedures per day. It is intended for general therapy of multitude of various diseases.

The standard healthcare program is designed for the treatment of all types of diseases and disorders and is a general therapeutic program.

A patient, who purchases a "General healthcare and recovery" program, can choose according to the medical prescription and free of charge and up to 4 different standard resort treatment procedures in a course of a single day (based on the general medical treatments list), as well as a number of wellness services.


1) An initial visit and final visit to attending physician

2) Ongoing consultations by General Practitioner (at least once a week)

3) Various wellness services (depending on availability):

• Climatotherapy (daily schedule, air baths, beach)

• psychotherapy and psycho emotional state correction (group sessions)

• Mineral water from a natural source (3 times a day)

• Phyto Tea (once a day)

• Oxygen cocktail (once a day)

• Nordic Walking (Terrenkur)

• Health improvement exercises in the swimming pool

• Physiotherapy and recovery exercises using special workout equipment

4) Diagnostic services

• Electrocardiography (ECG)

5) Medical services, included in the program (up to 4 procedures per day, depending on availability at your resort):

• Medical air therapy (inhalation, chalk chamber, speleocamera, dry carbon dioxide bath)

• Balneotherapy (mineral baths, wraps)

• Hydrotherapy (bath, circular shower, cascade shower)

• Mud and clay treatment

• Thermal treatment (paraffin-ozokerite applications)

• Manual medical massage

• Physical therapy (group sessions in a training facility)

6) An initial visit to a medical specialist for secondary care