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The network of sanatoria "RZD-Zdorovie" appeared in 2010 on the basis of the departmental sanatoriums of JSCo «Russian Railways», which from the very first days determined the high quality of the services provided, which is supported by the constant introduction of the best foreign experience in the field of recovery, active recreation and service.


For individual and family rest and treatment

The specialty of rest in a sanatorium is the opportunity to take care of one's own health and combine medical procedures with a usual rest.
In our sanatoriums the guests are offered a wide medical and preventive base for the treatment of various diseases. The choice of procedures and health-improving services is diverse: from physical therapy to baths with Dead Sea salt.

For corporate and private events

Equipped with everything necessary for conducting business seminars, corporate trainings, meetings and negotiations, weddings and celebrations, the conference halls of the sanatoriums of our network are an excellent place for a successful event.


  • sanatorium treatment and rehabilitation
  • restorative treatment
  • medical rehabilitation
  • integrated disease prevention
  • SPA services


The authorized capital of JSC RZD-ZDOROVIE is 8,870,117,000.00 rubles

It consists of ordinary registered uncertified shares worth 1 (one) ruble each.


JSC Russian Railways - 8,870,116,999 shares

KRP-Invest JSC - 1 share


Kulov Sergey Alexandrovich

Health is an invaluable gift given to every person, and at the same time, it is of key importance to the whole society.

JSC RZD-ZDOROVIE is the largest network of modern health and spa facilities, uniting 19 branches in 11 of the best resort zones in Russia, as well as more than 3500 professionals.

The basis for the success of our company was the modernization of the medical and hotel base of the departmental sanatoria of JSCo «Russian Railways», as well as the intention to improve the quality of life of Russians, taking care of their health in the health resorts of the Company. For the years of its existence, the sanatoriums of JSC RZD-ZDOROVIE have established themselves as health and recreation centers, where in the picturesque expanses from the Black Sea coast to Altai, entire generations of railway workers could restore their health by unique methods. Today, we make these opportunities for the recovery of the organism accessible to all.

Following the innovative development, we are introducing new technologies and improving the infrastructure of our health-improving complexes for you. Accepting guests, RZD-Zdorovie JSC is guided only by the best world practices, guided by high standards of quality and service level.

Sincerely, Kulov Sergey Alexandrovich
General Director of JSC RZD-Zdorovie



(approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE», protocol № 2 dated June 28, 2019)

Zhidkova Elena Anatolyevna

Head of the Central Health Directorate of JSC Russian Railways

Gradoboev Vitaliy Valerevich

Head of the Organizational and Staff Office of the Department for Organization, Payment and Motivation of JSC Russian Railways

Ananiev Alexander Sergeevich

Deputy Head of the Department of Economics, JSC Russian Railways

Borisov Andrey Eduardovich

Deputy Head of the Department for Management of Subsidiaries and Affiliates of JSC Russian Railways

Derevyanko Sergey Stanislavovich

member of the board

Melnichuk Anna Gennadievna

Deputy Head of the Corporate Finance Department of JSC Russian Railways

Nikiforov Nikolay Alekseevich


Tyamushkina Anna Vladimirovna

Deputy Head of the Central Directorate of Healthcare of JSC Russian Railways - Head of Division

Shitkina Irina Sergeevna

independent director